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MetaTrader Plugin - No Patterns Found

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MetaTrader Plugin - No Patterns Found


There are various causes of this.
Here are the most common causes:

  • The first thing to check is the Filter settings:

Note: If set too strictly, there may very well be times where there are no valid patterns available that fit the filter settings.


  • Next, be sure that "Display all Symbols" is checked if not, it will only display patterns for the symbol of the active chart, and there may not be any valid patterns for that symbol


  • Finally, check the Market Watch List, the scanner will only look for patterns on the symbols listed in the Market Watch List.


Note: If none of these apply to your case, then check the symbol name, there may be a symbol name mapping issue.
If your broker is using non standard naming conventions for the symbol names, the Autochartist Market Scanner may not recognize the symbols.

For example, you may name your symbols like this:
EURUSD.ecn instead of EURUSD.
If you suspect the issue to be a naming convention issue, we can do mapping to take care of it.
Please send the details to your broker's support desk so they can escalate it to us.

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