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MetaTrader - Autochartist Plugin on a network with a Proxy

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MetaTrader Plugin on a network with a Proxy

If your company internet connection has a proxy or firewall that you need to sign into to get access to the Internet,
you will need to configure the Proxy Server settings in the Autochartist MetaTrader Plugin.

Note: You will need the proxy server details , which you should be able to get from your IT team.

  • Click on the Windows-Start button4e8d920ca5383d2a6bbdaa7954de61e79204a4df5fcc4f2077ee4b64efd3914c7d8ba4ff9f9a3f63?t=d67609003f405e2435ee94163c350d68
  • Type "Notepad" You should then see the Notepad app at the top of the search-list:


  • Right-click on the Notepad app, and select "Run as Administrator "


  • In Notepad, click on "File" at the top and select "Open"


  • In the address bar enter type: C:\ProgramData\MDIO Software
  • Press enter to navigate to the Folder:


  • In the file-type drop down, select "All Files (*.*)":


  • Now select the file "InternetProxySettings.ini" and click on the "Open" button.
  • Enter the details of your proxy-server

Note: Type can be ‘http’, ‘socks4’ or ‘socks5’


  • Click on "File" at the top-left and select "Save", then close Notepad.


Finally, Restart the Autochartist Service
  • Click on the Windows (Start) button and type "services" f94fb20ed1848b537b0cecda40c7c9922ad0595df51a344c5ad32b316ac7d7625a5530c05f8893db?t=a3043a31709c65ff30e01eec15bdaede
  • Select the services app:


  • In the Services app find the ‘Autochartist MT Proxy’ service and click on it to highlight it:
  • Click on the Restart Service button near the top


  • Close the Services app and restart MetaTrader

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