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MetaTrader Plugin on Mac & Linux

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MetaTrader Plugin on Mac & Linux

Mac and Linux are not officially supported by the installer, however we have made instructions, and self extracting zip files for MT4 and MT5, available so that the user can manually install the plugin to their MetaTrader.

This tutorial assumes you are using Wine, if not, you may require additional IT support
Note: The .exe file is broker specific, so make sure you have the correct link (Ask your broker). It is available for MT4 and\or MT5 , and in multiple languages.
The .exe files are self extracting zip files so the host platform must allow running .exe files.

1. Download the self-extracting archive file for Wine. This file is made available per language per broker. Make a note of the location. It is usually in your Downloads folder.

  • Download the self-extracting archive file for Wine. Make a note of the location, it is usually in your Downloads folder.
  • Open MetaTrader
  • Click on File and select ‘Open Data Folder’


  • A Wine Explorer Window will open, make a note of the location, (C:\winebottler in this example):
Note: The location may be different depending on how MetaTrader was installed.


  • Navigate to your Downloads folder, by first clicking on the “/” item on the left.
  • Copy the downloaded file from your downloads folder to the Data Folder that you made note of above



  • Double click the .exe file in the Data Folder to allow it to extract.
Note: you may need to type Y and press enter to allow it to overwrite the Experts.ini file


  • Once completed restart MetaTrader
  • Autochartist should be listed under Expert Advisors in the Navigator window


Note: If it's not there, then the exe did not extract, or you were not able to copy the downloaded file to the correct location.

Unfortunately File management in your OS is beyond the scope of this tutorial and you may require IT support.

  • Finally, you will need to enable Web Requests
  • In MetaTrader, click on Tools, select Options and then go to the Experts Advisor Tab

  • Put a check mark in the box next to "Allow WebRequest for listed URL"

  • Add the list of URLS required.
Note: For MT4, these urls are Broker specific, so be sure to get the correct urls from Autochartist.

For MT5, the url to add is:

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