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Proxy settings for the metatrader plugin

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If Autochartist fails to connect to the internet, it probably means that you are using a proxy server on your network.
Please get the proxy server details from your network administrator and follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the Windows-Start button 2f4db59095030d910f0a96dabaa540957add461796e3198aec3bc675d4a835158200fb2854b80647?t=3ddce82f84ed8737688d40150a15fb32 and type ‘Notepad’. You should see the Notepad app at the top of the search-list: eca470ce28d57b5410b6ec4cd8889cf41d4257115287b951929eb17a7aaad3d7823f28e1304c5b98?t=844bea285de392ba2b3768b33dcfc9f1
  2. Right-click on the Notepad app, and select ‘Run as Administrator ae761692ce1a61a95a7be2259c1087c40a64f39d9ad586d6e16a5a42afb0b703de28550c8b348285?t=0e8b859e7f0ef781059d2ecd5c8f179f
  3. In Notepad, click on ‘File’ at the top-left , 1b6405b25bce2c7ec2340274a8c3f7549da4e605498e18356a7d56e3ff5786e62afb6572b592d18e?t=ac2aa09a0bcf54cabff02bee00885cbb then click on ‘Open’
  4. In the address bar enter type following and press enter to navigate to the location:
    C:\ProgramData\MDIO Software\Autochartist MetaTrader Expert Advisor cabed75f4150ca93d1ac5709b5e3c8d2ec6e59b779b40039bff8d74d9cf0d668e0623cdce1df6647?t=ecba2c6305e0c43c4d529707c32825bc
  5. In the file-type drop down, select ‘All Files (*.*)’: 2a99e6130fd81e51e2cd28295a4482e40b1c16a3d6124e30f563a022561105e0f5c4e77794d6f68d?t=053083d215cd2f5a9f6a105702bd4d8e
  6. Now select the file ‘InternetProxySettings.ini’ and click on the ‘Open’ button.
  7. Add or replace the following text with the corresponding details of your proxy-server: 2d8330b8a35cb49dd833b491c3f41d35eb3cee339c2f3a87be2b8c017437bf8960e2fad7704a6824?t=82411b705bf452adb1bddbc7a2c7d1e8
  8. (The type can be one of ‘http’, ‘socks4’ or ‘socks5’)
  9. Save the file by clicking on ‘File’ at the top-left 8c72f2d365a8a140f1487617b964cf877a97fb879e784a73b1e06b720cf7cdf3a85a4aa37918ddc4?t=dade1119735d0d6f59c6c6a225fdd798 , and select ‘Save’. Now close the editor.
  10. Again, click on the Windows-Start button 03c3247d983bdee5699825215ea26c6f9e247702921ac942f97904dbbe12000e8d3cb022c2aff3b3?t=d6d11eaf6e895dc689e6e345e6e0cc95 and type ‘services’.
  11. Select the services app: 44ca8292bd0389257ef910953a2c4535eea6fd4dc830df5ca523b04b15a99851354272c24f8430f4?t=ea7dea37aa0151186b07be5e7d2b9be5
  12. Once the Services app is open, find the ‘Autochartist MT Proxy’ service and click on it to highlight it: 57e4a8be66769a235980c0f3aef9c36cab50e7577856f2addfe3c0ed322ac48b398654821ee05ff4?t=ec033647b9ddd4f24709a78af75f0fa2
  13. Then click on the restart button near the top 1b9a5469d6a4c6ce669809d0fc03faad4970a46f7ec0ef37a91b6755be815a1d9409e29fb2cdeee3?t=1b53bc3ffc0025ade91ea04bb6c35955
  14. You can now close the Services app.

Your Autochartist MetaTrader plugin should now work!

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