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Autochartist Web App - How to Activate & Launch from Metatrader

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Autochartist Web App - Activate & Launch from Metatrader

To Activate the Autochartist Web App From MetaTrader
  • Log into your MetaTrader Trading account
  • Launch the Autochartist Market Scanner


  • Click on the World Icon at the top of the market scanner


  • Right click on the URL in the box marked "Go To" (the top one), and select Copy


  • Open your browser and paste the URL into the address bar and press enter


  • This will activate and launch the Autochartist Research Portal (Web App) in your browser

How to launch the Autochartist Research Portal after it has been ActivatedOnce you have activated the Autochartist Research Portal, you can launch it without first opening MetaTrader.
  • Open the browser that you activated access to the Autochartist Web App on
  • In the Address bar at the top, type in: and press enter


  • This will launch the Autochartist Research Portal.
Note: This access will remain active so long as you log into your MetaTrader
account and launch the Autochartist Market Scanner at least once every
30 days. If for some reason access is lost, you will need to re-activate
the access by following the first part of this tutorial

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